How many times we would have wondered that good has ended from our lives. Watching news in today’s time make us believe it even more. We all sit and chat that no one is left today who is not corrupt, or selfish and humanity had fade away just for money. But something happened today which  make me think again.

Somebody i knew met a car accident, unfortunately he died on spot. He was going to attend a family function so he was carrying a lot of  cash and jewellery with him. This is important to tell because this will lead to us to goodness we all are seeking for. While his family was on the way to collect his body some of us were wondering what about his belongings, which we presumed that it would obviously be taken by public or the police.

We always say we are proud to be Indians, as India is known for humanity, love and respect. Today I saw a glimpse of true humanity in a DHABHA WALA. The accident occurred in front of a dhabha, and the owner of that dhabha was a genuinely kind person. Though he couldn’t save him but he was the first one to call police. He also took phone from the victim and called not one or two but five calls to the contacts of the victim so that anyone close to him can come. Besides this he did not let any policemen touch belongings of victim without permission from victims family member. He took record of every thing present in car and submit it to the police even with the record of that Rs. 60 he had in his pocket so that nothing wrong could happen with them. I have never met him, and i think maybe i will not be able to meet him ever but i want to thank him for making me believe that there are always something better. We just don’t have to lose hope and we keep trying for doing something better in any way its possible.

Between his help and kindness, today again i can say I AM PROUD TO BE INDIAN.

Between me and that dhabha wala, i found goodness.



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